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On this page, I have archived links to previous programs. All of the links below are to past programs. For information on upcoming low-cost CLE programs, please visit my main CLE page.

Previous Programs

Wisconsin-New York

Wisconsin attorneys may use up to 10 credits of on-demand programs. Since New York has reciprocity with Wisconsin, these programs may also be taken for New York credit. The following programs are approved in Wisconsin:


On March 24, 2014, the Iowa Supreme Court amended the Iowa CLE rules to allow Iowa attorneys to receive up to six of their required 15 credits each year with "unmoderated programs." For more information, you can view the Supreme Court's Order or the Iowa CLE Commission's Guidelines.

The following course meets the new Iowa guidelines. You may take this programs at any time that is convenient for you. You can listen online or download the program to your computer or other device.

Click Here for Information on the Des Moines CLE on November 6

Podcast downloads of 2010 programs.

I have available podcasts of previous CLE programs. These are eligible for self-study CLE credit in some states. You are also welcome to listen to the programs and download the materials, free of charge, in states in which CLE credit is not avaialable. These programs were previously approved for Wisconsin on-demand CLE credit, but this approval is valid only during the calendar year in which the program was presented, and all of these programs were presented in 2010.

The following programs are eligible for self-study CLE credits in some states. For more information, click on the name of the particular state at the bottom of this page.

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