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If you're an attorney and need to complete your continuing legal education before December 31, time is running out, but it's not time to panic! This page will help you find the credits you need, at the lowest possible cost. I'll keep this page updated with free and low-cost CLE opportunities as the deadline approaches. These will include my programs, and those offered by other providers.

This page is geared mostly for attorneys in Wisconsin and Iowa, who need to finish their credits before December 31. However, most of the programs on this site are offered for credit in other states as well.

My on-demand programs

Attorneys in Iowa, Wisconsin, and many other states can satisfy some of their CLE credits with on-demand programs. These are programs that you listen to online at any convenient time.

I have the following on-demand program available for attorneys in Iowa and Wisconsin:

My programs

In addition, I have daily conference call CLE programs available. Even if you have used up your "on-demand" hours, you can use these programs, since they are considered live programs in Iowa, Wisconsin, and most other states. The cost is $25 per credit. Full details of the conference call programs are available at this link. I have three credits of conference calls available. If your short one or two credits, it's acceptable to take one of the programs a second time, and the content usually varies somewhat.

Free Programs

You probably won't be able to get all of your CLE credits for free, but if you're only short a few credits, there are many opportunities. The best listing of these resources is found at When taking free programs, be sure to check whether credit has been applied for in your state, or whether it is available.

The following free live seminars and webcasts from other providers are likely to approved for or are eligible for CLE credit in Iowa and Wisconsin. (Because these are "live" webcasts, they are not subject to the limitation for "on demand" programs, and you can use these for all of your credits in most states.)

Other Providers

For the world-class procrastinators who need more credits, there are other economical alternatives available, listed below.

West Legal Ed Center

If you need a lot of credits very fast, your best option might be to purchase an annual subscription to West Legal Ed Center at this link. This will cost you $840, but you'll probably be able to get all of your credits before the end of December. And in the following 11 months, you can get your credits for the next reporting cycle, and you won't need to worry about it again for another few years. Other CLE providers have similar package deals, so you might want to research those as well.

$840 is a good deal for 90 credits, but West Legal Ed Center programs can be rather expensive. However, if you just need a few credits, they can be a good option. If you shop around carefully on their site, you will find some programs for about $50 per credit. Here are some of the lowest priced programs currently available:

Low-Cost Programs By Other Providers

Here are some upcoming programs at reasonable prices. All of these appear to be fully interactive, so they should be eligible for full credit in states such as Minnesota which provide full credit only for "live" programs. But since the deadline is fast approaching, be sure to check before registering that the program has been approved in Minnesota, or the application process is well underway.

If you need additional assistance in taking care of your CLE before the deadline, please contact me.

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If you have any questions on how to maximize the number of credits for the least amount of money, please feel free to e-mail me at I've been in the same situation myself, and I want to work with you to get you the credits you need at the lowest possible cost.

All of my programs are linked from my main CLE page. I've helped out other lawyers who were facing an impossible deadline, and I can do the same for you. Also, if you're aware of any free or low-cost CLE opportunities, please let me know so that I can share them here.

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