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Richard Clem Continuing Legal Education
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: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, Nebraska, Texas, and other states.

I am a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) provider in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa. I concentrate on having lively and relevant live courses, telephone conference call courses, and Wisconsin podcast courses. My courses are affordable, are routinely approved for CLE credit, and are high-quality programs. Many live programs are scheduled on evenings and weekends. I've been in practice for over 25 years, so most of these programs come from my own experience. However, I am always looking for presenters, so if you have an idea for an interesting program, please contact me.

Minnesota On-Demand CLE

9.5 Approved MN Credits, Including Ethics & Bias, only $75

On December 6, 2013, the Minnesota Supreme Court amended the Minnesota CLE rules to permit "on-demand" CLE programs. The new rules took effect on July 1, 2014. Minnesota attorneys may now complete up to 15 of their required 45 credits using on-demand programs. You are now able to download a program and take it at your convenience. The new rules permit you to use these on-demand credits for any type of CLE, including ethics and bias. For more information about the new rules, please see the Supreme Court's Order. I did ask for clarification from the Minnesota Board of Continuing Legal Education which did confirm that if you need to report by August 31, 2014, it is permissible to use the following programs to satisfy your 2011-2014 CLE requirements. I will be adding additional programs soon.

You may take these programs at any time that is convenient for you. You can listen to them online, download them to your computer or other device, or dial in and listen to them on the phone. The following programs have both been approved for Minnesota CLE credit.

If you need to complete your CLE before August 31, please visit my Don't Panic page for more suggestions for free and low-cost programs

Upcoming live CLE programs

Minnesota CLE programs

The following live programs offer CLE credit in Minnesota, Iowa, and/or Wisconsin:

Conference Call CLE

The following telephone conference call CLE's are being offered for Minnesota, Wisconsin, and/or Iowa credit.

Free CLE

In addition to my programs, there are other providers in the Twin Cities who occasionally offer free programs, which are often quite good. Since these are a good way to finish needed credits, I have some of them listed here. These are all links to external sites:

Other CLE Providers

Here are some other providers of inexpensive CLE programs:

If you're a military attorney looking for options in dealing with CLE requirements that don't take your needs into consideration, please visit my military CLE page.

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