Minnesota Corporation or LLC formed
by Attorney Richard P. Clem

Only $235: Including State Fee

I am an attorney in the Twin Cities, and I can incorporate your Minnesota business for a very reasonable price. Your total cost (including the state filing fee) is $235. I've been in private practice for almost twenty-five years, and I see the need for a low-cost alternative for new businesses, but one which preserves the protections of the attorney-client relationship.

There are companies on the internet that will provide this service for a slightly lower cost. But as you shop around, be sure to look closely for hidden fees. Someone needs to pay the filing fee of $135 to the State of Minnesota. If someone quotes a price lower than that, you can be almost certain that the total cost will be higher, unless that company is losing money and paying the fee out of its own pocket, which is very unlikely!

My fee, in the vast majority of cases, is $100, plus the state filing fee of $135.

Some companies can undoubtedly beat my price by a few dollars. But if you have questions or problems, I am a local attorney, and you can call me and talk to me immediately. I am working for you as your attorney, and all of the protections of the attorney-client relationship apply.

Sources of Information for New Minnesota Businesses

If you are already in the market for an attorney for incorporating your Minnesota business, then please keep reading, because I believe I can offer you a very economical solution. If you are still doing research, but are not yet ready to incorporate your business, I recommend the following materials to help you:

The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development has an excellent e-book, A Guide to Starting a Business in Minnesota, which will answer many of your questions about the laws affecting new businesses in the state. This and other excellent guides are available on the Positively Minnesota website. Additional information is available at the Minnesota Secretary of State website. Finally, relevant portions of the Minnesota Statutes are linked below.

My Services

There are some cases in which you should not use my low-cost services, nor should you use the low-cost services of an out-of-state company. Since I am your attorney, I have an ethical obligation to tell you if your case is more complex than the typical case. If that applies to you, I will tell you so. If so, I will probably recommend that you talk to your own family attorney. An out-of-state company has no obligation to do this, and probably won't.

But the vast majority of cases are uncomplicated, and I can almost always get your company formed for only $235. For this price, I can form a Minnesota business corporation (either a "C-Corp" or an "S-Corp") or a Minnesota Limited Liability Company.

The Types of Minnesota Business Entities

Methods of Incorporating Minnesota Businesses

While there are also more specialized cases, the vast majority of new Minnesota businesses are organized in one of three ways: The C-Corp, the S-Corp, and the LLC. Here are some of the features of each:

What my fee includes

My fee of $100 includes:

My fee does not include the following:

If you would like me to incorporate your business, please contact me. Since you will be forming an attorney-client relationship, I need to discuss the matter with you before I proceed. There's always the possibility that taking your matter would result in a conflict of interest, and I need to screen for that slight possibility. That's why this page doesn't simply have a "buy now" button. But assuming there is no conflict of interest, I can generally get to work the same day, and your corporation will be formed within about two weeks. As noted above, if you need faster service, that is also available. You can call me at 612-378-7751, or e-mail me at clem.law@usa.net.

Before I begin, I will need the following information from you:

Again, please contact me if you have any questions. You are retaining an attorney to represent you in a very important matter, and you have the right to have your questions answered.

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